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Cannabis buds and extracts

While smoking weed can give you a pretty potent high, people are always looking for the next level. Enter cannabis concentrates. These marijuana products are processed to extract the most compounds possible out of them. CBD oil is one of the most popul… Read more »

Closeup of a cannabis bud

Updated: September 13, 2023 In the U.S., both the recreational and medical use of cannabis is legal in 19 states. An additional 36 more, including Missouri, allow marijuana use just for medicinal purposes. As the legal use of cannabis products grows, m… Read more »

A man applying a CBD patch

Updated: September 13, 2023 CBD has become something of a buzz-word. Some say it’s snake oil, some say it’s a miracle cure– the truth likely lies somewhere in the middle. One thing we’re sure of, however, is that CBD is everywhere. It’s in gas station… Read more »

Things to Do in the Ozarks

The Ozarks Mountains, also known as the Ozarks, is a mesmerizing region that boasts a tapestry of natural wonders, cultural treasures, and thrilling adventures. Nestled between the rolling hills and majestic forests, the Ozarks offer an enchanting esca… Read more »

A person in a lab coat holding a small jar of marijuana

Updated August, 9 2023 The global Cannabis market is currently worth $7.7 billion according to Forbes. That number is still expected to grow significantly in the near future, as other countries pass more relaxed marijuana laws. In the U.S., the use of… Read more »

A cannabis bud set in the middle of various flowers

Updated: September 5, 2023 What are terpenes? The word “terpene” may sound unfamiliar, but you encounter them every day. Terpenes are aromatic oils that create the different smells among cannabis strains– when cannabis flower smells like gas, fruit, o… Read more »

What is the Most Popular way to smoke weed?

For most people, smoking is the most common way of consuming cannabis and experiencing the effects of this fascinating plant. However, there are various other methods to reap the recreational and wellness benefits of marijuana. If you’re new to the wor… Read more »

What are Cannabis Extracts?

Updated: July 20, 2023 There are many available cannabis extracts today. Understanding the types of products available can assist you in making informed decisions when shopping for different products. Learning how the products differ and what you expec… Read more »

Rolling a joint

Updated: July 20, 2023 Burnt cannabis seeds were seen in the tombs of Chinese and Siberian shamans that date back to 500 BC, according to the History channel’s feature on Marijuana. Experts in the article believed that the shamans used the plant’s psyc… Read more »

What are Terpenes?

Have you ever wondered what gives pine forests their invigorating scent or why certain strains of cannabis offer distinctive flavors and aromas? The answer lies in a class of compounds called terpenes. Terpenes are organic compounds found abundantly in… Read more »

Cannabis vape pen next to a weed nugget

Weed vapes have gained immense popularity as a discreet and convenient way to enjoy cannabis. However, like any other device, proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This guide will cover various aspects o… Read more »

weed weed Dmytro

With the rapid growth of the cannabis industry and changing legal landscape, it’s no surprise that more people are curious about exploring the benefits and experiences that cannabis has to offer. However, stepping into a dispensary or browsing online c… Read more »