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Smoking a joint is a popular way to consume cannabis. However, getting the technique right can be tricky if you’re new to cannabis. Properly smoking a joint involves a few key steps, from rolling it correctly to lighting it and taking measured hits to… Read more »

Cannabis 2023

As more and more states legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, the industry is poised for explosive growth in the coming years. From advancements in cultivation techniques to innovative new products and delivery methods, the cannab… Read more »

Cannabis has been in existence for centuries. Time, innovation, and curiosity have significantly impacted how people consume this old-age plant. Apart from the popular traditional methods of consuming cannabis, such as vaping a joint or using a bong, m… Read more »

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Is Recreational Marijuana Legal in Missouri? Four years after the legalization of medical marijuana in Missouri, recreational adult-use cannabis has now been approved by state voters. Led by the Legal Missouri 2022 organization, the initiative for mari… Read more »

THC tinctures

The availability of legal marijuana has greatly influenced individuals and communities, particularly with the increase in awareness and education about Cannabis CBD and THC. Along with this increase in knowledge, more cannabis-based products, such as t… Read more »

Cannabis buds and extracts

Medical cannabis is typically used to treat pain symptoms. Using cannabidiol or CBD—the non-hallucinogenic extract of the hemp plant—can be helpful to patients suffering froom insomnia and anxiety, as well. But more and more researchers and scientists… Read more »

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Soon there will be hundreds of strains in the Missouri Medical Marijuana Market. All with varying amounts of THC and CBD If you want to become familiar with the categories and the most common strains and names of legal cannabis, you’ve come to the righ… Read more »

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In the world we live in, the long-time prohibition on cannabis has impacted society in such a way that the stigma remains even today. Marijuana is still viewed by some individuals as a drug on the same level as meth. These are the same people who see w… Read more »

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Are you saying you haven’t tried marijuana at all? Then you’re not one of more than 44% of American adults who have tried, according to a 2015 study conducted by the U.S. Department of  Health. Since the sales value of medical cannabis in the United St… Read more »

Cannabis buds and extracts

Political publication The Hill recently reported that veterans advocacy groups are pushing for easier restrictions on medical marijuana for military vets. While the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) won’t strip the benefits of vets who use medical mar… Read more »

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Marijuana is fully illegal in only eleven states in America, thanks to legislation and education. Patients now have access to marijuana for medicinal purposes in more than half the country, including Missouri. However, marijuana is still a controlled s… Read more »

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Marijuana consumers are no longer satisfied with just smoking joints or ripping bongs these days; they now ingest cannabinoid (CBD) oil tinctures and edibles to feel the soothing effects of cannabis minus the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) high. For those… Read more »