About The Hybrid Strain

There are various strains of cannabis available in the cannabis market. It is essential to know their basic chemical components to understand their differences. Hybrid cannabis strains have unique characteristics that define their chemical structure.


At Latitude Dispensary, we offer various cannabis products in the Osage Beach, MO and Eldon, MO. We are a community of educators, movers, and advocates who share the mission of offering you the cannabis products you need. This guide reviews hybrid cannabis, including its components and how they work.


What is a Hybrid Strain?

Hybrid cannabis strains are cannabis strains with the characteristics of indica and sativa plants, meaning hybrid strains are common. The only strains that aren’t hybrids are pure sativa or pure indica plants.


Hybrids don’t have to be a 50/50 blend. They fall into three categories which are 50/50 blend, sativa dominant, or indica dominant. This categorization is because of the scarcity of original cannabis strains that retain their natural features in today’s cross-breeding worldwide market.


The current hybrid cannabis plants might be tall with bushy leaves, short with thin leaves, or have other distinguishing traits that they are a more current cultivar than an original cannabis strain.


The best way to understand the composition of hybrid cannabis strains is to delve into the characteristics of the cannabis plant. Then you can examine the distinction between indica and sativa plants and understand the composition of hybrid strains.


Origins of Hybrid Strains

Modern hybrid strains are often hybrids of hybrids, making it challenging to define their origins. The main components of hybrid strains come from a handful of landraces. Since hybrid strains contain components from indica and sativa plants, their origins can be traced.


A hybrid cannabis plant

The Latin phrase sativa means flowering or blossoming, while indica means cannabis from India. It was short and bushy; its origins can be traced to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Turkey. These were only known to grow faster, smell different and produce more resin than sativa strains.


In contrast, cannabis sativa originated in Central Asia. It also grows in hot, arid areas like Central America and Africa.


Cannabis Hybrid Cultivation

A pure hybrid, by definition, does not exist. Although some hybrids balance their inherited qualities of sativa and indica plants, practically all hybrids will differ. Farmers and growers generally purposely cultivate hybrids, meaning they aren’t indigenous to one region.


Most hybrids are cultivated in greenhouses and on farms under supervision. Hybrid greenhouses use the positive pressure greenhouse design with air-conditioning. Dehumidifiers, chillers, coolers, and regular HVAC systems may all be used in hybrid greenhouses, which enables the farmer to utilize the hybrid greenhouse as a regular greenhouse for most of the year, using outside air.


When it is too hot or humid, the exterior vents close, and the air conditioners work to remove humidity, mold, pollen, and spores from the air while lowering the temperature. This cold air moves into the cooling chamber pulled into the greenhouse. The greenhouse is closed during this period, and the air returns to the cooling chamber. The cooling chamber dehumidifies and heats the air before pumping it back into the greenhouse.


Although greenhouses offer more control and an optimal cultivation environment, the utility costs can be high. However, most cultivators may claim this is the best method because it allows them to use various environmental control options during seasonal changes.


Effects of Hybrid Strains

The feelings you experience from consuming hybrid strains may include traits from sativa and indica strains, given that the hybrid is derived from both. A hybrid strain can make you feel energized, euphoric, and temporarily happy.

A tipped over glass jar of hybrid cannabis flower


Cannabinoids and terpenes are the chemical substances present in cannabis plants that make people feel differently after consuming the products. Since each person’s body is unique, they may experience different feelings after enjoying hybrid strains.


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