What is CBD? Uses & Benefits for CBD

A man applying a CBD patch

Updated: September 13, 2023

CBD has become something of a buzz-word. Some say it’s snake oil, some say it’s a miracle cure– the truth likely lies somewhere in the middle. One thing we’re sure of, however, is that CBD is everywhere. It’s in gas stations, drug stores, pet stores, and probably your parents’ medicine cabinet. Of course, not all CBD is created equal, so we’ve created a guide to the world of CBD.

Please note that the following article was not written by a doctor and this content should not be interpreted as medical advice. Always consult your doctor when adding supplements and cannabis into your health regimen.

Kindred capsules

What Is CBD?

To give you a basic breakdown, CBD is referred to as a “cannabinoid,” which is a term that also includes compounds like THC, CBN, and terpenes that are found in the cannabis plant. Your body has a signaling system of receptors that respond to these chemicals and help you maintain homeostasis called your “endocannabinoid system” (ECS). In fact, your body even creates compounds similar to cannabinoids called “endocannabinoids.”

When you ingest cannabinoids (CBD), they work together with your own natural endocannabinoids to re-balance your ECS. The “high” you feel when taking THC is simply a chain of biological reactions set off by these receptors.

CBD, however, is non-intoxicating (it does not get you high) as it works with a different set of receptors within the ECS. This system of receptors is believed to regulate inflammation and the immune system, and CBD is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Who can benefit from CBD?

“Inflammation” is a very broad term that can include a huge variety of conditions. Some patients with the following medical diagnoses have found relief from CBD:

  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Epilepsy
  • Side effects from cancer treatment
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of CBD as a treatment for various medical conditions is the mildness of negative side effects. Everyone’s system responds to CBD differently, but most who experience side effects report dizziness and mild gastrointestinal discomfort/nausea. That said, consult your doctor before taking CBD if you currently take any medications, as CBD can cause reactions when combined with prescription drugs.

Muv CBD transdermal patch

Pictured here: Muv CBD transdermal patch

What should I expect when taking CBD? What are the Best Cbd for Beginners?

Most CBD users don’t “feel” any different after taking it. After taking large doses of CBD, you may feel a general sensation of wellness and feel a little more relaxed, but it isn’t comparable to the high of THC.

In fact, it can take days or weeks to notice the effects of CBD. This is because CBD is not a pain reliever, it is an anti-inflammatory. CBD helps treat your underlying condition, not necessarily the pain and soreness it creates.

Think of CBD less like a drug and more like a vitamin– taking the same dose consistently is crucial to the effectiveness of the product, and you shouldn’t expect results overnight.

Furthermore, everyone processes cannabinoids differently. There are dozens of factors that impact the way CBD metabolizes in the body– what kind of plant the CBD was extracted from, how it was extracted, the type of product it’s infused into, how the infusion is done, other compounds in the product, and other characteristics of the product all influence how your body responds.

It may take you several tries to find the right product for you, which often leads patients to abandon their CBD journey before they find it– CBD is expensive, after all. Our advice? Start your journey with a trusted friend and try products together. Sometimes just talking about your experience can inspire you to try new things, and you can keep each other accountable for sticking to your regimen. We also recommend keeping a journal of the products you use and the progression of your symptoms to reference later.

How should I take CBD? How to take CBD oil

There are dozens of ways to ingest CBD, and it seems more pop up every day! You can find CBD in anything these days– drinks, hand sanitizer, fabric, even tampons– but we’ll take you through some popular products that seem to be favorites among our patients. Keep in mind that the method of CBD ingestion should be logically tied to the condition you want to treat. For example, edible CBD is likely more helpful with issues related to digestive health whereas a topical or patch may be a better choice for arthritis or back pain.

Cartridges – Select CBD

Select takes a very holistic approach when it comes to their CBD vapes. Formulated with premium CBD oil and specifically-tailored essential oils to create desired effects, these carts are available in Revive, Focus, and Relax.

Edibles– Canamo peach rings

Using CO2 extraction, Canamo has created a majorly tasty edible CBD product that packs a punch. Our most frequently received feedback is that Canamo CBD products don’t have a strong hemp taste– many patients claim they don’t taste cannabis at all.

Canamo CBD peach rings

Canamo CBD peach rings


Patches – Muv CBD

Topicals are one of the most popular forms of CBD consumption. For arthritis patients, a topical balm applied to the affected area may do wonders, but the CBD isn’t necessarily absorbed through the skin. Transdermal patches like Muv’s, however, releases CBD that does penetrate the skin, and are great for deep muscle aches in larger parts of the body like your back or neck.

Capsules– Kindred

Kindred Capsules

Kindred Capsules

A popular method of edible consumption is capsules, and Kindred makes a stellar CBD capsule. Kindred uses full-spectrum CBD oil, meaning their products retain the natural terpenes and other cannabinoids found in the plant. Their secret? They’re completely pesticide free– their pest control method of choice is ladybugs!

Ultimately, everyone’s CBD journey will look a little different. Don’t be discouraged if the first few products you try don’t seem to have an effect, as it may take some experimentation to perfect your regimen. Don’t don’t forget– our cannabis guides here at Latitude Dispensary are happy to help with any questions and recommendations!