Cannabis Lineage Overview

Cannabis has been in the limelight for thousands of years. It has been used for recreational and medical purposes. Cannabis has been a source of fiber and paper, among many other practical usages. 


Today, the cannabis industry continues to evolve as different cannabis strains emerge. People are gradually accepting and continue to embrace cannabis as they enjoy its advantages, unlike many years ago when cannabis was outlawed due to mixed reactions and misconceptions. Many people globally enjoy cannabis for recreational, spiritual, and medical purposes even as the industry evolves.


What are Cannabis Genetics and Lineage?

Cannabis lineage is diverse. It appears in different cultivars with unique properties. The combinations conclude from the different genetics categorized under various cannabis strains such as indica, sativa, and hybrid. These cannabis species have different appearances and reactions when consumed due to the unique combinations in each cultivar.


As legalization increases across North America and other areas worldwide, people get more opportunities to explore the advantages of cannabis lineage and genetics. With many strains in the industry today, it is important for consumers to understand the differences and make informed purchasing decisions to encourage them to choose products from Latitude Dispensary that suit their needs. 


Strain Vs. Cultivar – What’s The Difference?

Strain refers to different types of cannabis and has been in the industry for many years. While the origin remains unknown, many industry experts continue to embrace it. 


On the other hand, a cultivar is a group of plants hybridized and bred by humans. The word cultivar means cultivated, which is a plant that produces specific characteristics through selective breeding. 


Why Knowing Your Cannabis Cultivar Origins Matters

If you are a casual consumer of cannabis, it is important to know its lineage to enable you to receive the best quality product that suits your needs. The genetic background of a plant will influence various factors as per the quality and yield of the plant, including flavor profiles, the flowers’ color, and the plant’s high production. 


For instance, if a certain cannabis product gives you uneasy feelings, you should choose another type that suits your lifestyle and needs. It is also important to understand that different products are for different uses. The bottom line is to go for what will ease your mind and settle your body in the long run.


Sativa vs. Indica

When planning to purchase cannabis strains, you will come across different strains, including sativa, indica, and hybrid. Before you purchase a strain, you want to know its characteristics and whether it will assist you in solving your needs. This knowledge is even more important when seeking to alleviate a particular issue or ailment. Choosing the right strain will be useful to your needs.


Sativa and indica have different characteristics and chemical profiles. Even though both are physically sedating, their physiological influences and appearance differ. These strains make you relaxed and energized to perform your daily activities and work on creative projects productively. Indica plants are short with broad leaves and chunky, while sativa plants are taller and skinnier with thin and pointed leaves.  


Sativa Strains

The cannabis sativa strain is originally from Eastern Asia. But today, it is all over the world. People use this strain for different purposes, such as reducing nervousness and producing a mind high. Sativa also has energizing influences and irritant-reducing properties and can be used as a sedative.


Indica Strains

Indica strains are typically known for their relaxing feelings. It is believed to be originally from the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan. Usually, it grows in cold and adverse climatic conditions with a shorter growing circle. Indica strain is commonly known for its high body outcomes, such as reducing sleeplessness and increasing deep relaxation. 


Hybrid Strains

Hybrid cannabis plants are new and unique and bred from different types of plants. There can be a combination of two strains to create a hybrid. They produce flowers with sativa, and indica strains genetic makeup to create a new strain for the best possible uses.


These cannabis strains are man-made plants with specific characteristics. Cannabis enjoyers can use hybrid cannabis to alleviate various issues like tremors, skin issues, hardening of nerves, and bowel concerns.


Find the Best Selection of Cannabis Products at Latitude Dispensary

The cannabis industry is widely spread, and it can be challenging to determine the most appropriate strain for your needs. Learning about the cannabis strain’s different lineages can aid you in making informed decisions when shopping for a strain. 

If you are looking for more information on cannabis lineage and strains, Latitude Dispensary is here to assist you. Please browse our inventory or call our dispensary today for assistance.



Image Source:  Sunshine Seeds / Shutterstock



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