Vaping for Beginners: How to Vape Marijuana

A hipster blowing a giant cloud of vapor

Marijuana consumers are no longer satisfied with just smoking joints or ripping bongs these days; they now ingest cannabinoid (CBD) oil tinctures and edibles to feel the soothing effects of cannabis minus the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) high.

For those who do want to get that sweet high, however, there’s vaping. Read on to see if this is the right medium for you. You can also go to our About Us page to learn about everything Cannabis and CBD.

Vaporizing Cannabis

Cannabis is vaporized in two ways:

Conductive Heating

This involves putting a concentrate or dried herb onto a hot plate and heating it at the right temperature to create vapors.

Convective heating

– Cannabis is heated only by hot air. It doesn’t come in contact with a surface or screen.

Vaping Method

Marijuana vaping is also split into three primary methods: desktop, portable, and pen/cartridge. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Vape Pen

This is the most popular option because it’s the most compact and the easiest to use among the other methods. Just load its cartridge up with oil cannabis concentrate, reassemble it, and push the single button on the pen to inhale the vapor. A vape pen is often split into three parts:

  • Heating Chamber or Atomizer – This is where the cannabis oil goes in. Only a few drops are needed to feel the soothing effects of marijuana.
  • Battery – This connects directly to the atomizer, giving the latter the necessary power to heat the concentrate.
  • Mouthpiece – This attachment ensures that you won’t get burned by the heating chamber when you inhale the vapor.

Vape pens are great for people who want to puff discreetly or those on-the-go. These come in rechargeable or disposable versions.

Portable Vape

This is the beefier version of the vape pen. It comes in conductive or convective models. Like the vape pen, this type also has a battery, mouthpiece, and atomizer. But it has a few extra components:

  • Tank – This is a heat chamber that’s separate from the atomizer, allowing it to house more material. Some units exclusively take in concentrates or dry herbs. But there are also vapes that are capable of heating both materials.
  • Sensor – Some portable vapes have special sensors that allow you to see the temperature of your concentrates, and adjust them accordingly.

Portable vaporizers are perfect for people who want to have a compact device that has more capacity and versatility.

Desktop Vape

Also known as tabletop vaporizers, it prioritizes features over portability. A desktop vape allows for precise temperature readings and adjustments. It allows you to dial in the exact flavor you want from your weed.

It’s also more durable and reliable than its compact counterparts because it doesn’t have a battery that wears down. It plugs directly into your home’s socket. A table-top vape has a larger battery, atomizer, and tank, and can accommodate attachments like:

  • Whip – A whip is a glass or silicone tube that delivers vapors directly to your mouth. This is great if you want to have a precise flavor to your hits.
  • Balloon – This involves using a food-grade plastic balloon that fills up with vapor. This attachment is perfect if you want to share your vape with friends, as it can hold in massive amounts of vapor for a long time.

Desktop vapes are for people who want to really dial in the flavors and intensity they get from their weed. While they may be pricier than their compact siblings, the consistent quality of hits you get from them is definitely worth it.

Vaping allows you to enjoy weed without the tar and intense aroma that come from burning herbs. If you’re just starting out, go with a pen or a portable vaporizer. They’re more than enough to soothe your nerves. For more experienced smokers, you may want to try out tabletop vapes. They allow you to make the most out of the products you got from the medical dispensary. Whichever method you choose, check with your physician first to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable cannabis experience.

Get Quality Concentrates for Your Vape

Apart from having a good vaping device, you should also buy high-quality concentrates or flowers to ensure a safe and satisfying high. Latitude Dispensary provides a wide variety of premium cannabis products, from concentrates to cannabis infusions. Our store in Osage Beach, Missouri welcomes you to a safe and inclusive environment that allows you to shop for your medical marijuana with confidence.

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