Marijuana FAQ

Marijuana legalization is a relatively new thing in most states that have legalized it, including Missouri. As such, consumers have a number of questions about the product. At Latitude Dispensary, we’ve put together this guide to help you understand the legal marijuana market.

Is Marijuana Legal In Mo?

Yes. Missouri voters first legalized medical marijuana in 2018 when 65.5% of voters approved Amendment 2. Four years later, in 2022, recreational marijuana was also approved by ballot measure. 53% of Missouri voters approved that years Amendment 3 to make the change. Shortly after the recreational measure was approved, medical marijuana dispensaries were allowed to submit an application to sell recreational marijuana as well. Residents of the state have been able to purchase the product since those first applications were approved.

How Much Weed Can I Buy In Missouri?

Individual consumers are limited to a maximum of three ounces of weed at a time. Anything up to that amount can be purchased in a single transaction, though no more than three ounces can possessed at the same time by the same individual.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Marijuana In Missouri?

Missouri has followed the same age requirements for marijuana that they have for alcohol, so consumers must be 21 years old to purchase the plant. Like other age-restricted purchases, dispensaries are required to check IDs and may lose their license if they fail to comply.

Can I Grow Marijuana At Home?

Yes, though there are some restrictions. To grow marijuana at home, you must obtain a cultivation license from the state. To obtain the license, you must be 21 years of age. There are also restrictions on how you grow the plant. To keep the substance from unwanted users, plants must be grown in an enclosed and locked structure. The marijuana you grow must be used only for personal, non-commercial use. Finally, you’re limited to the same maximum of three ounces that those who purchase from dispensaries are.

What Are The Different Types Of Marijuana Products Available In Missouri?

Marijuana products in Missouri come in a variety of forms. The first distinction is the strain of marijuana. There are two primary strains, as well as hybrids of the two:

      • Sativa: This strain is known for its energizing effects. It’s often recommended for daytime use, as it can help increase focus, creativity, and energy levels.
      • Indica: This strain has the opposite effect of sativa. Known for its relaxing effects, indica strain produces a more body-centered, sedating experience that’s more suitable for evening use.

The next distinction of products comes in the way marijuana is consumed. Across Missouri’s dispensaries, you’ll find marijuana in the following forms:

      1. Flower: The flower is the traditional way in which marijuana is consumed. The dried and cured buds of the plants are smoked or vaporized.
      2. Pre-Rolls: For those who don’t want to roll their own joints or find a pipe or vaporizer to consume them in, pre-rolls offer a convenient way to get the plant in a ready-to-use form.
      3. Vaporizers: These devices heat the flower or concentrate to a temperature that vaporizes the active ingredients. Ready-to-vape cartridges are available at most dispensaries.
      4. Concentrates: This category involves extracting the active ingredients into a concentrated form. Examples include hash, shatter, wax, and oils.
      5. Edibles: These are food and beverage items that have THC concentrates added to them. They provide a longer-lasting high, with a longer wait for the initial effects.

Cannabis Products in Missouri

Latitude Dispensary is a legally authorized marijuana dispensary with two locations in the state. We have marijuana in all of the forms listed above, each with a large selection. There’s something for every type of marijuana consumer here, and our expert staff can help you find that product that fits you perfectly. To learn more, visit one of our locations today.


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