What are Cannabis and THC Extracts?

What are Cannabis Extracts?

Updated: July 20, 2023

There are many available cannabis extracts today. Understanding the types of products available can assist you in making informed decisions when shopping for different products. Learning how the products differ and what you expect from them is essential.

At Latitude Dispensary, we offer a wide range of cannabis extracts in Osage Beach, MO. We are committed to providing all the necessary details to make our dispensary reputable and highly reliable. Our team understands the importance of quality customer services, and this is why we go beyond our customers’ expectations by providing quality services worth value for their time and money. This guide takes you through the marijuana extracts in our dispensary.

What Is Cannabis Extract?

Cannabis extract falls under a type of cannabis concentrate. Extracts are made using alcohol, propane, ethanol, butane, or hexane to separate terpenes and cannabinoids from the marijuana plant. The extraction process of cannabis differs based on the specific solvent used. It involves a combination of marijuana plant materials with another substance or chemical to remove cannabinoids from the plant matter. After separating the plant matter from the cannabinoid-infused solvent, the solvent evaporates through a different mechanism, leaving highly concentrated cannabinoids.

THC Extract Products in Osage Beach – Types of Cannabis Extracts

At Latitude Dispensary in the Osage Beach, we have a variety of cannabis extracts ready for your enjoyment.


Wax can be a great addition to anyone looking for a cannabis experience. This extract is sticky, soft, opaque, and vicious. It contains a 90% concentration of wax, used mostly by cannabis users for recreational purposes, especially those looking for an immediate and long-lasting calm. They are made from extracted oils of marijuana plants with a solvent, usually butane.

Live Resins

Live resin is relatively new in the cannabis industry but popular with some producers and consumers. It is a form of cannabis concentrate produced from fresh flowers, unlike other products that come from dried and cured buds. Live resin preserves the flavor of the living plant better than other THC extracts. It is also relatively cost-effective and easier to make.


Shatter, also known as BHO, is a solid and translucent cannabis product made from a dried or cured flower. It is glass-like and hardened because of the specific processing techniques applied and looks thin and golden-colored sheet. The production process is relatively simple and involves solvents like butane or other hydrocarbons to acquire high THC levels from the marijuana plant. Shatters final product looks like a honeycomb-like glass sheet.


Rosins are also commonly known as solventless hash oil (SHO) because it is made without solvents. This product is a desirable option for many individuals who do not like chemical-rich cannabis extracts. Heat and pressure are used during extraction, so the product comes out cleaner. But it is usually more costly than concentrates made with solvents.


Cannabis KIEF often referred to ask the original cannabis concentrate. It involves a collection of small mushroom-shaped hairs and is more popular. KIEF is usually gold or brown power-like dust that coats the outside of buds. In short, they are trichomes that have fallen off cannabis buds. They are suitable for experienced cannabis users of their potency.


Diamonds are widely known as a status symbol of wealth. They are crystalline structures with a glossy and runny texture and are usually associated with people with a taste for finer things in life. This definition suits THC diamonds. Commonly top-shelf cannabis concentrates in the Osage Beach. Weed diamond extracts are flavorful and full-bodied and look more like diamonds. These THC crystals are extracted after live resin extraction from cannabis via a cold extraction process.


Hash, or hashish, is compacted cannabis resin or KIEF produced by pressing or rubbing together cannabis resin plant glands. This process forms rolled, slab, or brick pieces. It is brown-colored, greenish khaki or sandy brown, and more concentrated than cannabis flower. Users mostly smoke hash in a pipe, but it may also be in vaporized or ingestible forms. This product can be made by removing trichome glands or resin from a cannabis plant which is then compressed to form a solid and hard piece.

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is among the most versatile and highly innovative cannabis used as a medicinal therapy for cancer and other chronic diseases. It is oil made from cannabis flowers. RSO contains all the terpenes, cannabinoids, and more compounds of the cannabis plant and comes with different types and formulations. This extract is high in THC, the primary psychoactive chemical in marijuana.


THC syringes are many. They contain full-spectrum cannabis oil and concentrate cannabis into earth-like and solid paste taken sublingually. A plastic syringe aids in dispensing cannabis oil to apportion the exact amount you want. Cannabis oil stays fresh in the syringes.

Find the Best Selection of THC Extracts at Latitude

With different cannabis products in the market today, finding a product that suits your needs can be challenging. Latitude Dispensary has all you need if you are looking for a reputable and reliable dispensary for weed extracts in Osage Beach, MO. We offer a wide range of quality cannabis extracts for different applications and needs.

Whatever your preferences, needs, and purpose, we are ready to attend to you and ensure satisfaction based on your expectations. Whether you visit us online or physically in our shop, we offer personalized customer experiences that leave you fully satisfied with our service. Stop by today for our THC extracts, or browse our inventory to get started.

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