What are THC & CBD Topicals?

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Cannabis has been in existence for centuries. Time, innovation, and curiosity have significantly impacted how people consume this old-age plant. Apart from the popular traditional methods of consuming cannabis, such as vaping a joint or using a bong, more innovative ways are gaining more traction as the industry grows.

Latitude Dispensary offers cannabis in Osage Beach, MO, that can be consumed through topicals. We delight in providing cannabis that can help you solve various needs in the body. This guide looks at cannabis topicals, including what they are and how they work.

What Is Cannabis Topical?

Cannabis topicals come in various forms, such as lotions, balms, creams, and lubricants infused with cannabis oil. They are applied directly to the skin and act as lubricants that penetrate the skin surface to the inside body as the tincture goes much deeper.

The products deliver cannabinoids and terpenes to the receptors in the epidermis and dermis once they penetrate the skin and go to the bloodstream. After applying the product to the body, you may experience the outcomes within an hour. Potency may include topical from raw cannabis or lotions infused with a small amount of THC or CBD.

THC & CBD Topical Products in Osage Beach

There are different cannabis topicals in the market today in the Osage Beach. So, what type of cannabis should you try? It all depends on your preferences and what you want to accomplish in the long run. For instance, you may be seeking cannabis for well-being concerns, skin conditions, and beauty or aching joints. Each product has unique cannabis-infused products you can choose from. Below are the different THC & CBD Topical Products in Osage Beach.

Cannabis Balms

Cannabis balms are usually waxy, thick, and almost solid. Balms are non-psychoactive products with waxes and fatty oils as base ingredients. They are applied to a specific skin area to ease discomfort, tenderness, and other related symptoms. Cannabis balms ease and boost personalized comfort and healing. They may also contain soothing and a blend of fragrant oils. When applying cannabis balms to the body, you should do it liberally to deliver ease to any irritation and discomfort, enabling you to relax your body.

Cannabis Lotions

Cannabis lotion is a topical CBD cream that tends to ease aches within a few minutes of applying it to the skin. It is applied directly to the skin and contains skin-loving and nurturing ingredients. When you use this product on your skin, its reaction can help determine if it suits your needs. So, it is essential to use it for targeted discomfort alleviation and moisturizing advantages. It delivers a relaxing and cooling sensation to the skin that can bring near-instantaneous calm.

Cannabis Suppositories

Suppositories have been in the market for decades. Many people know it because of its usefulness. It contains THC and CBD and is absorbed by the mucosal membranes inside an individual’s body. Cannabis suppositories are consumed rectally or vaginally and can take about 15 to 20 minutes to begin working. This method indicates faster action than other forms of cannabis suppositories.

Suppositories of marijuana topicals are suitable for individuals who do not want to ingest or inhale cannabis. They are infused with cannabinoids into solid oil coconut oil to form a rounded pill-like shape.

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Advantages of Using Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals offer a wide range of advantages and are ideal for people looking for remedial experiences. For instance, THC topicals can deliver a strong outcome of the cannabinoid without the head high. The creams and lotions are easy to apply anywhere on the body and deliver cannabinoids and terpenes into the bloodstream. Below are the advantages of marijuana topicals.

  • Reduces body discomfort and irritation
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Promotes fresh skin growth
  • Eases body itching
  • Soothes itch and sting
  • Reduces body discomfort
  • Eases headaches and tension

Cannabis Topicals are used by people seeking skin advantages and can apply the products on different areas, such as elbows and knees, which is why some are lotions or creams while others are ointments. Cannabis topicals change how your body handles aches and skin conditions that sting. Some people use cannabis topicals on their faces for beauty enhancement and regimens.

Will THC Topicals Show Up on a Drug Test?

The short answer is no, using THC topicals will generally not show up in a drug test. This is because the topicals are applied directly to the skin and do not enter the bloodstream. Therefore, they do not circulate throughout the body and cannot be detected in standard drug testing.


Find the Best Selection of THC & CBD Topicals at Latitude Dispensary

It is worth noting that cannabis topicals offer various advantages depending on their formulations and ingredients. These advantages are why it is important to buy topicals from a reputable dispensary that is well-informed about high-quality cannabis topicals suitable for your needs.

At Latitude Dispensary, we offer the best selection of high-quality THC & CBD topicals that can steer you toward an alleviation that works best for your body. If you’ve never tried cannabis topicals, we encourage you to consider some excellent formulas available in our Osage Beach, MO, near Osage Beach dispensary. Stop by today for dispensary topicals at great prices, or contact us for a free consultation.

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