Recreational Marijuana Now Legalized In Missouri

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Is Recreational Marijuana Legal in Missouri?

Four years after the legalization of medical marijuana in Missouri, recreational adult-use cannabis has now been approved by state voters.

Led by the Legal Missouri 2022 organization, the initiative for marijuana legalization and expungement makes Missouri the 20th state in the nation to legalize, tax, and regulate recreational cannabis for adults.

Let’s take a closer look at what Amendment 3 means for Missouri residents and visitors, and what you can expect in terms of recreational cannabis regulations in our state. Learn about the details with Latitude Dispensary.

Who Can Now Purchase Marijuana in Missouri?

The constitutional amendment allows adults 21 and older to possess, purchase, consume, and cultivate cannabis for recreational purposes. Individuals are not required to be Missouri residents to purchase marijuana.

Adults over the age of 21 can now purchase and possess up to three ounces of marijuana in MO. They are also permitted to grow up to six flowering marijuana plants, six clones, and six immature plants if they have a registration card.

This is in addition to medical marijuana, which has already been legalized in MO.

Where Can You Buy Recreational Marijuana in Missouri?

Of-age adults can buy cannabis at licensed dispensaries throughout the state. Depending on the location, dispensaries may be dual-licensed for both medical and recreational sales.

What is the Tax Rate for Marijuana in Missouri?

Recreational marijuana in Missouri will have a 6% retail tax rate.

The revenue generated from the cannabis retail tax will be used for:

  • Implementation costs for marijuana regulations, including expungement of prior offenses
  • Veterans’ services
  • Drug addiction treatment services
  • The Missouri public defender system

Other Rules to Know About Marijuana in Missouri

Under the new constitutional amendment, key changes and additions to other cannabis regulations in Missouri are also made.

Missouri Medical Marijuana

  • Medical marijuana licenses for MO residents are now valid for three years, not just one year.
  • MMJ caregivers can now provide cannabis products to double the number of patients they were previously allowed.
  • Employment protections for medical marijuana patients will be further codified.

Recreational Marijuana Laws in MO

  • Public consumption, underage marijuana use, and driving under the influence of marijuana are prohibited by law.

Expungement of Cannabis Crimes in MO

  • Individuals convicted of certain non-violent marijuana-related offenses will have their records automatically expunged, rather than being required to petition the courts.
    • Note: The provision for automatic expungement doesn’t apply to violent offenders or individuals whose offenses involved operating a motor vehicle under the influence of cannabis or distributing cannabis to a minor.

Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries in Missouri

  • There will be nearly 150 additional licenses available for “microbusiness facilities” in each congressional district, made up of six dispensaries and 12 wholesale facilities per district. The recipients of these new recreational sales licenses will be selected via a lottery process and will allow recipients to produce and grow marijuana products.
  • Existing medical marijuana dispensaries are first in line for dual licenses to serve both MMJ patients and recreational consumers.
  • There will be a seed-to-sale tracking system established to regulate quality, safety, and consistency in the MO marijuana market.

What Missouri Cannabis Sales Mean for Bordering States

Although the recreational use of cannabis is now legal in Missouri, those regulations do not necessarily extend beyond state lines.

Understanding the laws in bordering states is important, particularly for cannabis consumers.

  • Of the eight states that border Missouri, Illinois is the only one that has legalized recreational cannabis thus far.
  • In Oklahoma and Arkansas, medical marijuana is legalized.
  • In Nebraska, possession of marijuana is decriminalized.
  • In Tennessee, Kentucky, and Iowa, CBD products with trace amounts of THC are permitted.
  • In Kansas, the possession and/or sale of marijuana remains illegal. Possession of marijuana is considered a Class B misdemeanor and is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for first-time offenders.

Missouri dispensaries expect an influx of customers from Kansas. However, customers are not legally permitted to re-enter the state of Kansas with marijuana in their possession.

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