What is Dabbing?

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There are many ways to consume marijuana these days. Rather than simply smoking the plant, there are a variety of edibles and concentrates that allow the cannabinoids to be enjoyed without having to burn the plant. Each method of consumption has its unique set of benefits and tradeoffs. In this article, Latitude Dispensary hopes to explore dabbing, a method of consuming various types of cannabis concentrate. You’ll learn what dabbing is, how and why it’s done, and what products can be dabbed.

Marijuana Dabbing Explained

Dabbing is a popular way of consuming cannabis concentrates without having to prepare them in some way, such as the creation of edibles or flowers filled with concentrates.

A dab rig is normally prepared ahead of time, and a lot of consumers use a titanium nail that is heated to the point that the concentrate can be vaporized. 

With a dabber tool, a small amount of cannabis concentrate (a “dab”) is placed onto a heated nail. As soon as the concentrate makes contact with the hot surface, it vaporizes into a potent vapor.

A dome or carb cap is used to cover the nail, trapping the vapor, and it is then slowly and steadily inhaled.

What Types Of Cannabis Can You Dab?

    • Live Resin: This type of concentrate is made by applying a solvent to fresh cannabis plants that have been frozen to retain their terpene profile. It results in a thick substance that retains the complex terpenes of the original plant.
    • Rosin: Made without the use of solvents, rosin relies instead on heating the plant to high temperatures until the sap is separated from the plant material. It’s a cleaner option for those who prefer a solvent-free experience but don’t retain the terpene profile as well.
    • Budder: This concentrate, which has a butter-like consistency, is made similar to the way live resin is. The difference is that it uses dried plants, which don’t retain the terpene profile as well as live resin does.
    • Badder: This produce is made in the same way as budder. The difference is that, rather than having a butter-like consistency, badder is processed in a way that gives it the consistency of cake batter.

Why People Love Dabbing

By now, you may be asking why people prefer dabbing over more traditional ways of consuming the plant. As mentioned earlier, there are tradeoffs and benefits to every type of cannabis consumption. Although not the easiest or most convenient consumption method, dabbing does bring a number of benefits that make it an attractive option for many.

    • Potent: One of the biggest reasons people prefer dabbing is that the use of concentrates allows it to have much more potency than other forms of consumption. Those looking for maximum effect while using minimal products find dabbing to be the ideal option.
    • Fast: While some people might not mind the delayed onset time of edibles or tinctures, others want to feel the effects of their cannabis product immediately. Much like smoking the plant, dabbing concentrate has an onset time that’s nearly instant.
    • Flavorful: Depending on the type of concentrate used, dabbing can provide a much more flavorful experience than other options. Concentrates, by their very nature, have a more potent taste. Some concentrates, such as live resin, are very effective at retaining terpene profiles, enhancing the flavor further.

Start Off On The Right Foot

Getting started with dabbing can be confusing. You have to purchase the right equipment to dab from, and you have to make educated choices about which of the concentrates is best for you.

If you’re wanting to find what you need to start dabbing, the staff at Latitude Dispensary is happy to help.

Contact us today with any questions you may have, or browse our extensive selection of products to see which is right for you.


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